Brampton Business Centre

Your Office in North Staffordshire?


Think of Brampton Business Centre as an Hotel for Business, a place you can look forward to working from, with all basic services included in the rent, and the freedom to change office or move out at short notice.

We do the Housekeeping, YOU RUN YOUR BUSINESS

The Centre offers a comprehensive choice of spacious offices, its four buildings reflecting four centuries of Architectural progress.

Brampton House Image

Brampton House

is an elegant Georgian building, prominent in the Town Centre since 1789 when it was built as a Girls` School. Today light airy offices provide that touch of class absent from many modern buildings.

Brampton Trees Image

Brampton Trees

started life in the 1920`s as the home & surgery of a successful (and wealthy) local Doctor. Solidly built with hand finished brick and polished oak, it feels good! The rents in this building are VAT FREE.

Brampton House Mews Image

Brampton House Mews

stands on the site of the original Stables. A modern office building purpose built in the 1990`s it offers flexible suites.

Hanover Court Suites Image

Hanover Court Suites

are high quality recently refurbished open plan offices on the ground floor of the block of flats built in the 1960`s.

Business Centre rents include all basic services of heating, lighting, cleaning, repairs & renewals, etc. The simple Licensing Agreement allows for a reassuringly short Notice Period if your needs change. Equally a move on site to a smaller or larger office may be much easier!

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