Brampton Recruitment

Brampton Recruitment have been based within Brampton House for nearly 12 years. As we have expanded, we have been able to do it with ease as Brampton House has been so flexible and has been able to offer us larger office space, which has made the transition really seamless. The location of Brampton House is really convenient and it's great that there is onsite parking for us and our guests. You will be really hard placed to find anywhere else that is as good within the local area.

Claire Leigh, Director


Brampton Trees offers us a bright office situated in lovely garden surroundings. It is a pleasant place to work with on-site parking, postal service and a pre-installed communication set-up, which is excellent. The buildings are close to the town centre and have various sizes of offices to suit all needs. It's very rare that we should have a problem but when this has occurred in the past the management team have responded speedily and efficiently.

Paul O'Donnell, Newstead Insurance Brokers

Swan Beauty

I’ve been with Brampton Business Centre for around 5 years, opting to take in larger offices as my business expanded - I love being an independent business, but having a network of people around me, like reception, gardeners and cleaning staff, which makes me feel part of something, and not alone - especially as I can be open till late! The Brampton feels like a close knit community, and clients love the privacy and convenience of the car park - a big plus for a business like mine.

Kelly Swann, Swann Beauty

Ram Digital

We’ve been based in Brampton House since 2017 and as the company has grown, we have moved offices twice, each time scaling up to a larger room. From Day one we have been looked after by the staff here in a way which I can’t faulter. The offices are clean and inviting to our clients, the broadband speeds are fantastic (and being an on-line marketing company, we need this more than most), there’s more than enough parking spaces for staff and visitors, and the grounds are well maintained all year round. Would highly recommend Brampton House regardless of if you’re a one person company, or have a team of people to accommodate!

Robert Ball, Director